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Benefits of TPS – Temporary Protected Status

TPS is granted to eligible nationals of certain countries or individuals without nationality, who last resided in the designated country, who are already in the United States and cannot return safely to that country due to ongoing armed conflict, natural disasters, epidemic, or other extraordinary and temporary conditions.

During a designated TPS period, TPS holders cannot be detained by DHS (Department of Homeland Security) on the basis of their immigration status, are not removable from the United States, can obtain an employment authorization document and may be granted travel authorization.

TPS is a temporary benefit and does lead to lawful permanent resident status or give any immigration status.

TPS beneficiaries may apply for nonimmigrant status, adjustment of status based on an immigrant petition or other immigration benefit or protection for which they may be eligible.

The countries currently designated for TPS are:

  • Afghanistan
  • Burma (Myanmar)
  • Cameroom
  • El Salvador
  • Haiti
  • Honduras
  • Nepal
  • Nicaragua
  • Somalia
  • Sudan
  • South Sudan
  • Syria
  • Ukraine
  • Venezuela
  • Yemen